2 July 2015

What celebrities did before they were famous

Ji Jin Hee - Advertising agency employee

Lee Tae Sung - Football player 

Han Suk Kyu - Dubbing artist 

Jo Han Seon - Soccer player (goalkeeper) 

Seo Ji Suk - Track-and-field athlete

So Ji Sub - Swimmer 

Seo Jang Hoon - basketball player 

Lee Young Ae - Reporter 

Shin Eun Ha - Amusement park's parade performer 

Song Hye Kyo - Figure skater 

Han Chae Young - Figure skater 

Nam Sang Mi - Part-timer at Lotteria 

Han Ye Seul - Reporter 

Kim Nam Joo - Office employee 

Oh Yoon Ah - Racing girl 

Kang Ye Bin - Kindergarten teacher 

Crayon Pop's Gummi - Nurse at a Dermatology clinic

Jang Hyung Don - Engineer at Samsung Electronics 

Yoon Sang Hyun - Boss at a snack place 

Lee Won Jung - Salted fish seller 

Song Joong Ki - Short track speed skater 

Ma Dong Seok - Mixed martial arts fighter and trainer

Comedienne Hong Hyun Hee - Employee at a multinational pharmaceutical company

Hong Jin Ho - Pro-gamer

Heo Gak - Ventilator fixer

Instiz + Instiz: Celebrities' past jobs

-A lot of them are athletes

- Song Hye Kyo's figure skating days

-Wow. I didn't know Song Joong Ki used to be a short track speed skater

-No wonder Song Joong Ki starred in drama 'Triple' with Min Hyo Rin!

-Heol. Jung Hyung Don worked at Samsung

-Shocked to know that Kang Ye Bin was a kindergarten teacher

-Won Bin was a car mechanic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I thought GOT7's Jackson would be on this list. He's a gold medalist in fencing

-Yoon Hyun Min, too, was a baseball player...


JB said...

Oh Yoon Ah - Racing girl, wow daebak! and song hye kyo, i don't know she figure skater.

JB said...

Oh Yoon Ah - Racing girl, wow daebak! and song hye kyo, i don't know she figure skater before.

toru2 said...

Most shocked at the fact that Doni was an Engineer. Now I see him in a different light. And SHK really pretty even when she's younger.

mrs.cho said...

-I thought GOT7's Jackson would be on this list. He's a gold medalist in fencing

I thought so too lol 👌

QueenBuzz said...

Hyungdon is an engineer??? Oh wow... bruh..

Peachywink said...

I vaguely remember that Nickhun was like a badminton coach at a high school or something before he got casted...

pinocchio said...

Wow, Song Hye Kyo and Han Chae Young were figure skaters :0

Lily said...

Wow Song Hye Kyo looked that gorgeous even before she became a celebrity. ....she must be a teenager in those pics!

And even Lee Young Ae had another job before. ... I always thought she was born to be an actress, she had that level of talent + natural beauty. .

Guest said...

there is an episode in cool kiz when donny team meet his long last coworker in samsung. And his friend tell a funny story when his kid didnt believe he was friend with Donny. kekeke~

Fantasiana said...

WOW at Song Hyekyo was a figure skater the more WOWW at Jung Hyungdon was an engineer.

Protagonist said...


I want this hair back

Protagonist said...

I'll be so distracted if he coaches me


Random Noona said...

yep he always mention it on i.c

the queen said...

SHK is so beautiful, so so beautiful.

parkkeu said...

What If he were the opponent of the game. I don't think I can't grip the racket correctly lol

Cassiel said...

Jung hyun don was an engineer in samsung wow

mrs.cho said...

I remember his opponent was too starstruck by his handsomeness in that show that she couldn't make play properly lol

yeoshinn said...

I'm surprised that people are surprised over hyungdon being an engineer tbh?? I thought he has been saying it for quite awhile already.

But damn guuurl, Oh Yoon Ah was a racing girl!!

trufax said...

"wonbin was a car mechanic"

i lowkey find that hot

Wonderful Venus said...

Kang Yebin a kindergarten teacher wow.