29 July 2015

What North Korea looks like

Instiz: 2015 North Korea images

-Seems like these photos were taken 50 years ago

-Is this the '80s?


-I see a Hello Kitty umbrella

-Fascinating...As if I'm looking at pictures from the past

-This is Pyongyang. When foreign journalists go to North Korea, I heard they only take pictures of Pyongyang.

-This is the capital city but why is it so deserted?

-The streets are clean

-Look at how the photos of their leaders are illuminated

-I wanna change the fonts

-Primary colours must be the trend over there. Kinda neat

-Do they have smartphones in North Korea?

-The women are pretty

-Wow. They have Hello Kitty in North Korea

-Constantly reminding myself that these photos are taken in 2015......