10 August 2015

Acting-dols who proved viewers wrong

1. Jung Eunji (Sung Siwon)
Comments before the drama: "Who is she?", "Too plain for the lead role"
But that plainness allowed her to effectively portray Sung Siwon. Although it was her first drama, she was impressive with her acting as a student and as a pregnant woman giving birth.

2. Im Siwan - Jang Geu Rae
He's a good actor but fans were opposed of his casting because he looked too delicate compared to the webtoon character. He proved viewers wrong after just 1 episode. 

3. Yook Sungjae - Gong Taekwang
Got so much hate when his casting was announced but viewers found him charming. Gong Taekwang's character was much more popular than Han Yi Ahn.

4. IU - Cindy
The most talked about idol casting. People left comments like 'IU's freeriding' but she received praised and  moved viewers with her crying scene. They commented that no other person is fit for Cindy other than IU.

5. D.O - Han Kang Woo
There were tons of comments that SM's about to ruin a perfect lineup with writer No Hee Kyung,  Gong Hyo Jin, Jo In Sung but later on, he garnered much praise and called him the best SM actor. He also did well in 'Cart' and 'I Remember You'.

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-Im Siwan's short stature and delicate features did wonders for his characters.. You just have that instinct to protect him

-Although I'm a fan of Eunji and I was genuinely worried when she got cast... Never thought it would catapult her to fame

-Kang Woo's my favourite role of Kyung Soo's

-Reply 1988's Hyeri. This is the drama I'm most looking forward to .. Please don't disappoint us

-Sung Jae got tons of hate ㅜㅜ People were commenting that Kim So Hyun will have to work hard

-I was worried that IU wouldn't be able to pull off a bitchy character because she has such a bright and bubbly vibe ㅠㅠㅠㅠ  Her crying scenes made me cry