31 August 2015

Acting idols + Yook Sung Jae cast in 'Village'

Star 1 - Naver: Goodbye foot acting (tn: bad acting skills)~ 7 acting idols you can trust 

1. [+175, -63] Im Siwan's good too!

2. [+111, -36] I liked GOT7 Junior's acting in Eun Dong!!

3. [+101, -31] Our Shiksha-nim Yoon Doo Joon. It's always awesome seeing him work hard in singing, acting, and variety

4. [+122, -56] Where's DO's photo? What's Yook Sung Jae's photo doing in DO's section? This just confuses readers. Please do your corrections

5. [+65, -10] Yes to Lee Joon and Junior ㅠㅠㅜㅜ  But all 7 are good >.<

7. [+49, -3] I guess it goes without saying that idols get tons of hate when they act just because of their 'idol' label and also because they're given more opportunity than rookie actors. Despite the pressure and criticisms, they work hard with what they're passionate about. Lee Joon was the first one who broke my stereotypes on idols which then changed my perspective on other idols going into acting.  Hwaiting to all acting idols

8. [+52, -8] You can trust Lee Joon, Im Siwan, DO and, Junior

9. [+81, -49] Hoya~ "Never take a break from acting". I agree^^

10. [+34, -7] Junior, why did it take so long for you to get recognized <3

Ilgan Sports - Naver: [Exclusive] Yook Sung Jae cast in 'Village: Achiara's Secret' 

1. [+394, -38] Looking forward to Yookjalddo (tn: handsome weirdo)

2. [+349, -30] Sung Jae's busy lately.. Wow us with your acting!!!

3. [+75, 0] Please don't hate just because he's an idol

4. [+68, -9] Can't he quit WGM too?

5. [+55, -5] Because this drama follows 'Yong Pal', the ratings will likely be high as well. Yook Sung Jae's hitting it daebak^^

6. [+61, -11] I like that he's hardworking but doesn't he have too much on his plate? From WGM, MC post then a drama