6 August 2015

Cast of tvN drama 'Valid Love' left unpaid for 6 months and counting

Ilgan Sports -Naver: [Exclusive] CJ E&M 'Valid Love', Actors left unpaid for 6 months 

1. [+4,328, -43] Damn ;; What did these actors who poured so much work into a drama do to deserve this?

2. [+3,929, -24] Why did the production company go ahead with making the drama when they can't pay their actors in the first place? tsk tsk

3. [+3,049, -39] Give them their paycheques ....

4. [+233, -7] KPAX is a mess. What does the retirement of the person-in-charge have to do with the actors not receiving their payments? The lead actors signed a contract with CJ and they got paid while KPAX is in-charge of the supporting cast + extras and didn't pay them. These people depend on their paycheques for their livelihoods. tsk tsk (tn: KPAX is the production company that co-produced 'Valid Love' along with CJ E&M)

5. [+141, -2] To work and not get paid... This is totally unfair

6. [+82, -1] A round of applause for these actors. It must've been uncomfortable knowing they're working hard for nothing

7. [+61, 0] If the actors didn't get paid, what about the crew then?

8. [+52, 0] I can't believe KPAX is using a pointless company matter as an excuse.. Think about those who who worked their butts off. Should've warned them from the very start.. I really enjoyed this drama and I feel so sorry for these actors who got scammed by the production company

9. [+18, 0] So, the leads did get paid... and the rest didn't. These extras/minor characters  might be in financial difficulties and this occupation is their source of income ㅠㅠㅠ Such jerks. They should've paid them after each filming

Other production companies who still owe actors their pay


1. [+283, -1] What's happening?... It's been ages since the drama ended. They have to be paid

2. [+201, -3] Woah... I had no idea there are actors that are still waiting since 2010 for they paycheques

3. [+161, -2] Big companies like CJ might be suspicious but these production company bastards thrust all the responsibility on CJ. In the end, it's the actors who are suffering a significant financial loss