12 August 2015

[Casting] Nam Joo Hyuk in 'Glamorous Temptation', Lee Jong Seok in 'Beautiful Mind'

Ilgan Sports - Naver: [Exclusive] Nam Joo Hyuk confirmed for MBC drama 'Glamorous Temptation'

1. [+3,271, -263] Uhm.. He needs more acting practice

2. [+3,035, -301] If it were an actress, she would likely be grilled by now with sponsor accusations. He's a guy so he's not getting hated as much

3. [+2,366, -140] I like that he's hardworking but he seriously needs more practice

4. [+416, -34] Nam Joo Hyuk, Ahn Jae Hyun and Hong Jong Hyun, these 3 aren't meant for acting. They're not even fit for lead roles

5. [+396, -42] He's worse than Lee Yeon Hee but everyone's keeping mum because he's a guy. Aren't we too lenient towards men?

6. [+318, -16] Wow. YG's pushing him a lot

7. [+351, -67] I much rather prefer seeing Yook Sung Jae in more dramas. He's a better actor than Nam Joo Hyuk

8. [+179, -12] It's nice that he's active in dramas lately but I miss him in  "I'm Going to School"

9. [+168, -16] Is he a model or an actor?

Osen - Naver: [Exclusive] Lee Jong Seok to wear another doctor gown?.. Cast in 'Beautiful Mind' 

1. [+2,119, -379] Save me, Jong Seok-ah. Ah, I'm shaking all over. Finally, he's coming back ㅠㅠㅠ I must watch this

2. [+1,518, -288] You can trust Lee Jong Seok!

3. [+1,219, -232] Finally!!!!!!

4. [+151, -42] Random but why does the lead doctor character always have to be a genius?

5. [+191, -86] Lee Jong Seok's an awesome actor. IHYV's Soo Ha is unforgettable

6. [+145, -40] Just don't turn into a weird mess like 'Doctor Stranger'

7. [+144, -46] Same concept as 'Doctor's Stranger'. He was a genius doctor in that one too ㅋㅋ But he's tall and he looks superb in a white doctor's robe

Xports News - Naver: Lee Jong Seok's reps "Beautiful Mind is one of the dramas he got offered, not yet confirmed"

1. [+348, -20] Reporters, get your facts straight before writing articles

2. [+247, -32] The production people confirmed his casting but his agency said he's not confirmed. Are they using him to promote the drama?

3. [+55, -19] Something to look forward to if he ends up taking the role