2 August 2015

FT Island gears up for 8th Anniversary concert

Naver Starcast: How to enjoy FTISLAND's 8th Anniversary concert on August 8th!

1. [+779, -76] You'll find a lot of people who like FTISLAND but hardly any hater. Their visuals are perfect.. They have plenty of masterpiece tracks and their recent songs are also so good. Hoping that they dominate the charts

2. [+680, -36] Their live performances in concerts never disappoint

3. [+622, -27] Lee Hong Ki was freaking awesome when he sang on 'Mask Singer' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+579, -30] Thunder, Lovesick, I'm Happy, Only One Person, etc.. Their first album is a masterpiece

5. [+410, -26] Can't wait for the concert

6. [+267, -17] I love 'Pray' and 'Light'. In fact, every song in the album is amazing

7. [+88, -1] A group who debuted at a young age and showed proper progress.. The got tons of hate back then and had as much antis as they had fans but currently, even the antis are starting to acknowledge and admire their musicality. To jerks who still think they hand-sync and label them as high school band, FT is recognized by famous bands in Japan and they've collaborated with talented groups like One Ok Rock

8. [+68, -1] They debuted when I was in elementary school and I'm still a fan to this day. They're  such a huge inspiration to me. Don't give up and continue to release good music.