3 August 2015

Han Hyo Joo attends Beauty Inside's presscon

Osen - Naver: Han Hyo Joo's charming smile

1. [+216, -75] Look at how Baek Jong Won gets all the shield while Han Hyo Joo has to suffer through the hate. Such a contrast (tn: Baek Jong Won's  father is currently under suspicion of harassing a woman)

2. [+198, -72] Wow. She's really pretty!!!

3. [+201, -81] Just like Baek Jong Won-ssi, his family did something horrific but I don't understand why Han Hyo Jo-ssi is being witch-hunted. We're not even living in the Joseon era. People who keep mentioning guilt by association are pathetic! Hwaiting!

4. [+91, -46] The issue isn't the guilt by association  but Han Hyo Joo is pretending like she doesn't know

5. [+58, -37] Han Hyo Joo is gorgeous!!


6. [+414, -30] Let's not forget Lieutenant Han

7. [+413, -34] She lost her charms after her brother's scandal.

8. [+53, -1] Professor Kim Kyung Joon's son died because of Han Hyo Joo's brother

9. [+42, 0] I hate the sight of her. This movie will fail anyway.

10. [+26, 0] Is your brother doing well?