31 August 2015

Hani dispels departure rumours in latest interview

Star News - Naver: EXID Hani "I'll continue to be an EXID member"

1. [+11,392, -817] I thought she's just a pretty face but she's also kind, has a likeable personality, and has a charming vocal colour. Do well in everything. I'm always supporting you!

2. [+8,662, -652] You can tell from her smile, her behaviour and her words how charismatic and hardworking she is. Wishing you more success

3. [+7,504, -1,641] She should be forever thankful to that fancam person.. If it wasn't for him...

4. [+5,910, -568] Hani's pretty!!!!

5. [+482, -103] What I've always felt about Hani is that she seems to be a profound thinker and someone who is thoughtful

6. [+116, -15] She grew up with lots of love and guidance. Hani exudes confidence and positivity. I liked her because she's pretty and smart but right now, her personality is the most attractive part of her

7. [+97, -6] If you're interviewing idols or young celebrities, never ask if they're currently dating someone. Even if they do, they're not that dumb to reveal it. Why bother asking when you already know that answer? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+69, -7] Definitely a wife material. Compared to most idols who care so much about their image, Hani's carefree and isn't afraid to show her different sides. The person she'll marry sure is lucky