13 August 2015

Kim Seulgi puckers up at OMG set

Xports News - Naver: 'Lovely ghost'... Kim Seulgi proof shot while filming for 'Oh My Ghostess'

1. [+1,655, -14] Had no idea Seulgi is so awesome at acting.

2. [+1,030, -10] Kim Seulgi's jjang. I love her. Wishing you more success~~~~~

3. [+851, -14] She's so pretty. I'm enjoying this drama

4. [+712, -11] OMG is entertaining!! I watch it every week. Kim Seulgi's pretty

5. [+384, -7] I don't think Soon Ae's dead. Somebody rescued her from the waters and took her to a hospital. I hoping that she's in a coma right now. Her soul's wandering desperately in order to find the culprit and recover the memories of when she supposedly died

6. [+270, -4] She got overshadowed by Bo Young noona but Seulgi noona deserves some praise for her acting. She's such a cutie!

7. [+256, -2] Props to  Kim Seulgi for braving the scorching heat while wearing that outfit

8. [+229, -1] I really can't imagine anyone in this role other than Kim Seulgi

9. [+215, -2] I bet Kim Seulgi has the lowest costume fee out of all the characters. I'm loving the drama and hwaiting while you film the last few episodes in this heat!!! I'm loving the drama

10. [+137, -4] They were filming in our neighbourhood today I saw her in person and she's really pretty. It was kind of her to reached out for a handshake.