21 August 2015

Kim So Hyun vs. Kim Yoo Jung

Pann OP: Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are the two hottest young stars lately. Although they're the same age, they have different auras. Kim So Hyun's aura is fresh and dainty while Kim Yoo Jung is bubbly and cute.

-Both starred in 'The Moon Who Embraces the Sun'
-MCs on music broadcast, Music Core (So Hyun) and Inkigayo (Yoo Jung)
-Their dramas, both of which are centred on the theme of school, 'Who Are You'(Kim So Hyun)  and 'Angry Mom'(Kim Yoo Jung) aired around the same time period
-Cosmetic brand models, Kim So Hyun for Peripera and Kim Yoo Jung for Skinfood

The Pann OP chooses Kim So Hyun

Pann: Who is the prettier of the two?

1. [+325, -96] Both but Kim Yoo Jung is super pretty..

2. [+241, -127] So Hyun ㅎㄷㄷ

3. [+224, -126] I pick Kim So Hyun

4. [+96, -25] Charm and overall vibe, I vote for Kim Yoo Jung

5. [+43, -9] She looks amazing barefaced

6. [+38, -13] I've always thought Kim Yoo Jung is prettier but not until I watched Kim So Hyun in 'Who Are You

7. [+13, -1] Can't believe I'm the same age as them