5 August 2015

Park Bo Young through the years

Secret Campus (2006)

Mackerel Run (2007)

The King and I (2007)

Jungle Fish (2008)

Our School's E.T. (2008)

ESP Couple (2008)

Speedy Scandal (2008)

Siseon 1318 / If You Were Me 4 (2009)

Unidentified Video Clip: Don't Click (2012)
 A Werewolf Boy (2012)

Hot Young Bloods (2014)
 The Silenced (2015)

Oh My Ghostess (2015)

Instiz: Park Bo Young's change process

-I'm the only one who's getting older

-Nothing really changed

-Park Bo Young is super adorable ㅜㅜㅜ

-I've always assumed she debuted with 'Speedy Scandal'

-She looks like Lee Hyun Woo..!!

-She's so pretty