30 August 2015

Park Hyung Shik to guest on 'Three Meals a Day-Fishing Village'

Xports News - Naver: '3MAD' reps "Park Hyung joins as a guest, Son Ho Joon's casting is still in the works"

1. [+4,235, -313] Invite Lee Seo Jin and Ok Taecyeon to guest

2. [+2,124, -120] I'm more eager to watch Chajumma cook than all these talks about guests

3. [+1,853, -83] Can't wait for Chambada-ssi

4. [+2,213, -1,070] I want Son Ho Joon to come back!!!!

5. [+1,136, -491] Ridiculous how y'all were whining when BoA guested but cheer on your oppa the moment he joins the show ㅎㅎㅎ These stans are hopeless

6. [+526, -257] Why do they keep casting the boring Son Ho Joon? Young Seok-ah, get your shit together

7. [+298, -101] Son Ho Joon's boring and lacks energy, why do they keep recruiting him? The dude's always zoned out

8. [+302, -114] Park Hyung Shik as a fixed member in place of Ho Joon

9. [+273, -100] Son Ho Joon, don't bother doing it.. You're too boring to watch


1. [+463, -64] Ho Joon should come back

2. [+458, -75] Despite lacking variety skills and does chores silently, I much prefer Son Ho Joon

3. [+37, -5] Thank goodness Park Hyung Shik's only a guest. Still not excited though.. Son Ho Joon fits 3MAD better

4. [+34, -8] Park Hyung Shik is so-so. Can't they just re-cast Son Ho Joon? He has zero variety skills but he's a far better choice than Hyung Shik.