13 August 2015

Park Shin Hye returns to 'Three Meals a Day'

Ilgan Sports -Naver: [Exclusive] Park Shin Hye returns as Ok Soon Bong... Films for 'Three Meals a Day' today

1. [+5,655, -599] Park Shin Hye has a likeable personality. Anticipating 

2. [+4,246, -514] Park Shin Hye is super pretty ~~~

3. [+3,509, -524] Perfect timing because I didn't catch her previous episodes. Hwaiting Shin Hye

4. [+3,373, -797] I want new guests ㅠㅠ

5. [+783, -137] I like Park Shin Hye but after her guesting, the show has lost its charm. Now, it's less about its concept of organic living and more about who they invite to guest .

6. [+739, -162] Isn't the program too dependent on guests? Don't get me wrong,  I like Park Shin Hye but why do they keep inviting the same person all over again?

7. [+500, -80] 3MAD's a good show but it's way too focused on guests ...We want a diverse set of guests

8. [+266, -87] It has now become a program about guests

9. [+417, -247] People are slowly losing interest

10. [+140, -56] I really like Park Shin Hye... But they should invite someone who hasn't been on the show