13 August 2015

Rain's Chinese drama 'Carat Lovers' reaches 3.3 billion views

Sports Seoul - Naver: Rain's Carat Lovers reaches 3.3 billion views, daebak drama that captivated 1.3 billion people

1. [+976,  -72] Amazing. Wishing you more success in the future

2. [+930, -149] Rain used to manage himself well and always showed impressive performances to the  point that I wondered if a singer like him really exists. Kinda unfortunate that he ended up like this because didn't manage himself well

3. [+701, -53] Heol daebak

4. [+464, -49] So many celebrities are heading to China lately to earn money

5. [+142, -9] I get that the drama has a huge following but 3.3 billion is definitely astounding.... Daebak~

6. [+138, -12] Shivers. This is amazing considering that it's difficult to hit daebak in such a big market like China

7. [+139, -14] Rain hit the jackpot in China. Congrats~

8. [+156, -34] Honestly, Rain's one of the pioneers of Hallyu. If he behaved well during his service,  he would have a much better reception right now.

9. [+115, -7] He's probably earning a staggering amount of money.. I hope you hit daebak in Korea too

10. [+98, -8] Rain's awesome. Always supporting you~^^