17 August 2015

Real names of idols who are using stage names

Seohyun (Seo Joo Hyun)

Yeri (Kim Ye Rim)

Hyorin (Kim Hyo Jung)

Soyu (Kang Ji Hyun)

Lee Yoo Ae Rin (Lee Hye Min)

Yura (Kim Ah Young)

Sandeul (Lee Jung Hwan)

Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun)

Yesung (Kim Jong Woon)

Eunhyuk (Lee Hyuk Jae) 

Shin Hye Sung (Jung Pil Gyo)

Instiz: Idols that Muggles had no idea are using stage names 
Muggle= non-idol fan

-Most shocked about Hyorin and Yesung

-I've known about the rest except for Yesung and Shin Hye Sung

-Jung Pil Gyo-ssi ㅋㅋㅋJungvely

-What the? I thought Sandeul's name is his real name

-Sandeul's mom calls him 'Sandeul' at homeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Wow. Hyorin's just a stage name. I've always thought it's her real name

-Why do you guys not know that Shin Hye Sung's real name is Jung Pil Gyo...? Didn't he mention it several time on shows...? I'm probably not a Muggle then.