24 August 2015

SNSD's 'You Think' is directed at Jessica?

You pretend to be a good guy
You pretend to cry because of me
You try so hard on all your SNS accounts
Only posting your stories on how you're hurt
-"Jessica's cosplaying as a victim on her various SNS accounts"

(Never heard that before) Hah Yeah
You're talking about us again
So people can focus on you
You used me
-"Mentions SNSD on interviews after her withdrawal to draw attention"
ex "I wouldn't have been able to do this shoot if I was still a SNSD member"

I'm a bad girl from the gossip that you made up
It's fine, it'll all return to you in the end anyway
But listen carefully to my decision
I have no regrets anymore, go away

Instiz: SNSD's new song 'You think' is directed Jessica

-Aren't you overly suspicious?

-Huh? This is taking it too far.. I heard Jessica's recommending a song when she made that Insta post but there could be other interpretations

-Eyy.. Seems like you've gone too far

-Can't we just move on and cheer on both SNSD and Jessica?

-Personally, I don't think the lyrics are about Jessica at all

-You're reaching. As I've heard, SM artists' get their title tracks years in advance

-I remember when some people assumed TVXQ's song to be a diss track

-Whether it's a diss track aimed at Jessica or not, it's not even the members who wrote the lyrics. Pointless interpretations like this will do more harm than good ㅠㅠ

-There are always people who are keen on starting a controversy..

-When did Jessica ever cosplayed as a victim?.. This is too forced

-SNSD and Jessica, do well

-I have no idea if it's aimed at Jessica or not, the song's awesome

-Eyy no way