1 August 2015

[Spoilers] Oh My Ghostess, The Time I've Loved You

Osen - Naver: 'Oh My Ghostess' Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young spend the night in a tent.. What will happen to Kim Seulgi?

1. [+11,168, -381] This feels like putting the cart before the horse (tn: idiom which means to do things in the wrong order)ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wanna see him go on a date with Bong Sun not with Soon Aeㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+7,074, -121] Kim Seulgi got out beforehand

4. [+5,653, -79] Wow.. Their gestures plus the way they look at each other is so romantic

5. [+4,610, -95] Kyaa my heart.. What will happen to Soon Ae then? Anyway, Bong Sun and Sun Woo are so romantic

6. [+1,684, -24] Be reminded that this is Park Bo Young playing two characters.. Proves how amazing she is at acting when people start feeling sorry for Bong Sun and that they want Soo Ae to  leave her body

7. [+1,652, -199] Writer-nim, there needs to be a balance of Soon Ae and Bong Sun. Who exactly is the chef dating? It's Soon Ae eho got to have skinship and experience all the major steps in the relationship with him. What about Bong Sun? I'm thankful for all these sweet scenes but it's uncomfortable knowing that she's in her possessed state the entire time

8. [+1,226, -66] I pitied  Soon Ae at first but today I felt sorry for Bong Sun and chef. Later on, it will be heartbreaking when the chef finds out that she's being possessed by Soon Ae. Bong Sun hardly has memories with the chef. Trusting the writer will not lose her touch

9. [+672, -38] What makes Jo Jung Seok unique from other drama male leads is his realistic acting. Usual male leads are charming but they give the impression that they're just acting. Jo Jung Seok, however, makes you wonder whether he's acting or he just cant hide his real emotions. Gong Hyo Jin and Jang Nara are the only ones I can remember who do the same. Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young compliment each other so well.  Jo Jung Seok, please do lots of romcom^^

10. [+361, -9] It would be selfish if Soon Ae refuses to leave Bong Sun's body

11. [+199, -4] Am I the only one who worries that the dog might be dead?

tv Report - Nate: 'OMG' A corpse at Im Joo Hwan's house? .... Creepy

1. [+669, -6] Is that when he killed Soon Ae and took her corpse to his bathroom?

2. [+552, -13] The evil spirit is in love with the chef's sister and used the officer to hit her in that car accident. He then killed Soon Ae who was witness

3. [+74, -1] Soon Ae's phone contains evidence of his crime. He was probably chasing her, killed her and took her phone. Wait, is that scene above a flashback or not?

Osen - Naver: 'The Time I've Loved You', When will the twisted love triangle unravel?

1. [+3,772, -43] I'm sick of this already. What have you done to the cast?

2. [+3,033, -125] Ah this drama sucks..

3. [+2,779, -70] I wanna smack Hana so bad

4. [+2,281, -54] Oh Hana.. You give me cancer .. 

5. [+648, -12] What a waste of acting talent... The leads and the supporting cast are such charming people in real life but why are they so bland in this drama?. I'm fine with the directing. I blame the writer

6. [+476, -8] The Time You Gave me Cancer


7. [+4,921, -62] It was fun until episode 4 ㅠㅠAnd then, they got a new writer..

8. [+4,279, -30] This drama makes me realize the importance of a writer.

9. [+3,216, -25] It's lost in the mountains.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+376, -7] Forcing myself to focus but I can't. Boring as heck

11. [+175, -9] I've always looked forward to Ha Ji Won's dramas but the first episode was already a mess. Who is in-charge of production?

12. [+132, -6] I'm so fed up with love triangles in dramas


1. [+277, -3] The Time You Pissed the Viewers Off

2. [+271, -3] Why on earth did they replace the writer?

3. [+225, 0] Ha..... Ha..... I don't get why is they're dragging the friendship storyline? I bet they'll only become a couple in the last 10 minutes of the finale. Just get together already dammit