26 August 2015

Stephanie Lee and Bae Hae Sun to leave 'Yong Pal'

Star News - Naver: [Exclusive] Stepanie Lee to leave 'Yong Pal'... to appear until episode 8

1. [+10,747, -143] Isn't she the Neutrogena girl?

2. [+9,910, -263] Heol Neutrogena unni. It's unfortunate that she's leaving. I've grown fond of her pronunciation...

3. [+8,082, -373] She totally matches her character and I thought she'll appear for the entire duration of the drama ㅠㅠHope to see you in another project ^^

4. [+4,583, -161] Let me guess. She dies?

5. [+1,060, -25] Huh? I thought she'd keep playing the assistant who has a crush Joo Won? The drama's unpredictable

6. [+1,060, -25] The worst actress in 'Yong Pal' is the girl who plays Joo Won's younger sister

7. [+908, -70] Why is she leaving? Her character is charming

Osen - Naver: 'Yong Pal' Nurse Hwang Bae Hae Sun, unfortunate that she's leaving  this early 

1. [+10,444, -97] She's a scene stealer. I'm always so tense whenever this unni comes out. Kinda sad that she's leaving ㅠㅠ

2. [+8,571, -115] Why is she leaving? Her acting's amazing

3. [+6,352, -70] I wish they could expand her storyline. I find characters like her more entertaining than the usual ambiguous ones

4. [+5,570, -68]  Please don't leave. I like how she infuses thrill elements into the drama

5. [+452, -10] This is musical actress Bae Hae Sun's first acting experience in a drama and she was excellent! Sad to see her go

6. [+419, -13] But I thought she's a key character~~~~~ What a shame ~