5 September 2015

f(x) ifans sponsor a forest for 6th anniversary

Star News - Naver: f(x) 6th year anniversary... fans from all over the gift f(x) a forest 

1. [+82, -3] They have these dedicated fans all these 6 years and SM's not giving them a fanclub.Why the did they even hold a fandom naming contest during Pinocchio?

2. [+71, -5] f(x) let's hit daebak!!!

3. [+61, -4] Thanks to those fans. Love you f(x)!

4. [+57, -2] Girls, fighting and hit daebak

5. [+24, -1] Wow these fans are jjang. What the heck is SM doing?

6. [+20, 0] Give them a fandom name now, SM!!!

Mydaily - Naver: "The fans are precious"... f(x) Krystal's heartfelt sentiments for 6th anniversary

1. [+3,807, -52] I just read Amber's post and both have such pretty way with words.  They grew stronger with everything they've been through. I'm cheering for you hwaiting!!!!!

2. [+3,181, -54] Congrats on your 6th anniversary hamsoonies ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+245, -17] Krystal really has a pretty way with words even in interviews. Makes the person reading it feel good. She grew up well

4. [+82, -4] Soojung lived in the US when she was young and and it's true that she had that attitude controversy but looking back, she never skipped a stage even when she's sick and she participated in overseas concerts despite her busy filming for her drama.

5. [+76, -3] Her words are beautiful ㅋㅋ She wrote 'bbang', Amber did too! Spoiler for the new album perhaps?