11 September 2015

Gary and Song Ji Hyo enjoy skinship on a Chinese variety show

tv Report - Naver: "Temporary switch to Friday couple" Gary and Song Ji Hyo's heart-stopping skinship

1. [+11,710, -684] Seemed like Gary had feelings for Ji Hyo before. I've no idea if they were ever in "some" relationship but right now, they're just a business couple, no more no less.

2. [+10,373, -1,662] You can stop now.. It looks like you're doing it for money

3. [+6,975, -1,318] Time to stop. It's not fun

4. [+5,937, -1,412] Doing all sorts of things in China just to earn money

5. [+1,164, -80] I don't see their point in doing that if they're not even dating

6. [+1,064, -89] Scripted couples: Gary and Ji Hyo, Seo Jin and Ji Woo, Kwanghee and Uee, Jinho and Lady Jane

7. [+649, -49] Business relationship ~~~

8. [+594, -45] Just announce that you're dating already.. Otherwise, there's no point in doing such things if you're not even in a relationship