17 September 2015

Han Groo feels resentment over misunderstandings that she's wealthy and has connections

star1 - Naver: Han Groo "Difficulties as a celebrity? Resentful over misunderstandings that I was born with a golden spoon and have connections"

1. [+5,076, -200] But it's true that she was born with a golden spoon. Everyone around her would acknowledge it but her

2. [+3,901, -141] Doesn't she come from a wealthy family?...Her house is nice

3. [+2,480, -156] Han Groo was best as Jang Mi in 'Marriage Not Dating'

4. [+1,939, -96]  Has she completely given up on being a singer?

5. [+811, -38] But it's true that she's rich. Her singing career failed but how did she get those lead roles and a spot on a variety show? Is her dad in the industry too? Although I don't exactly know what he does, I'm sure he's an influential figure

6. [+723, -54] I'm pretty sure she has connections ㅋㅋ They kept pushing her toward singing although she sucked at it ㅋㅋ Then she landed lead roles in various dramas ㅋㅋ People who have no connections stay quiet but she sure is making a fuss

7. [+515, -18] She studied abroad plus she has a huge house..

8. [+295, -15] When 'Witch Girl' didn't do well, I thought that was the end of her career but strangely enough, she kept getting lead roles. I guess her family pulled strings for her

9. [+106, -7] There are other kids who spend years as trainees before debuting but how else did she easily get to become a singer and an actress if not for her family's connections? It's not like she's extremely talented either.

10. [+90, -4] This is coming from someone who uploads photos of her house and constantly talks about her unni and oppa getting into Seoul University. It's funny that she feels unfair when people think she's wealthy and has connections when it was her who led people to speculate