11 September 2015

Seoul International Drama Awards 2015 red carpet and winners

imbc - Naver: From Lee Min Ho, Lee Joon Ki to Park Hyung Shik! Today, I'm the 'handsome guy in suit'! <Seoul Drama Awards 2015>

1. [+168, -22] Lee Min Ho looks handsome, the other actors too .. A man looks the best in a suit

2. [+161, -21] Lee Min Ho's proportions ㄷㄷㄷ.. They're all so handsome

3. [+63, -8] Wow Park Hyung Shik ㄷㄷ

4. [+37, -5] Park Hyung Shik's looks so fine

5. [+32, -11] Joon Ki hyungnim is jjang. I enjoyed 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'

Dispatch - Naver: "It's a runway over here"... Stars who turned the red carpet into a catwalk

1. [+2,747, -159] Lee Sung Kyung's style is hopeless

2. [+2,283, -97] Her coordi must be an anti-fan.. She's a model but is the best she can do?

3. [+1,793, -102] What have you done to the pretty Lee Sung Kyung ? ㅠㅜ

4. [+244, -15] Soo Hyun's pelvis is world class

5. [+168, -4] Did Lee Sung Kyung get into a fight with her coordi?!?!

6. [+163, -12] Soo Hyun has a proportions of a model

imbc - Naver: Lee Young Ae to Seolhyun! Oh My Goddess actresses! 

1. [+147, -28] Lee Young Ae is the best. She's gotten more beautiful and elegant

2. [+80, -16] Long time no see Chu Ja Hyun-ssi. That triumphant look

3. [+90, -26] 40-year old mother Lee Young Ae is unparalleled

Award Winners
Daesang(Grand Prize): Naked Among Wolves (Germany)
Best Picture- Short Film: The Good Sister (Canada)
Best Mini Series: Misaeng (Korea)
Best Picture - Longer series: Open Your Eyes (Angola)
Special Judge Award: Deng Xiaoping (China), Home Away from Home (Taiwan), The American Letters (Czech Republic)

Best Actor: Engin Akyürek (Turkey) - Black Money Love
Best Actress: Simona Stašová (Czech Republic) - The Self Lover

New Trend Award: Marco Polo, Chosen Season 3 (USA)
Asia Star Daesang: Wallace Chung, Odagiri Joe, Ariel Lin
Asia Star Award: Aaron Yan, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Zhang Han

Hallyu Drama Grand Award: Kill Me Heal Me
Hallyu Best Drama Award: Joseon Gunman, Pinocchio
Hallyu Drama Actor Award: Lee Joon Ki
Hallyu Drama Actress Award: Hwang Jung Eum
Hallyu Drama OST Award: SNSD's Taeyeon
Mango TV Popularity Award: Lee Min Ho, Choo Ja Hyun, The One
Special Invitation: Shinya Shokudo Season 3
Hallyu Achievement Award: Director Lee Byung Hoon, Lee Young Ae, Lee Min Ho 

Mydaily - Naver: From Lee Young Ae to 'Kill Me Heal Me'... SDA 2015 was a splendid festival

1. [+107, -8] But Ji Sung's acting was impressive in Kill Me Heal Me...

2. [+74, -3] What about Ji Sung? He didn't receive an award?

3. [+34, -5] Congrats Lee Min Ho for winning 2 awards

4. [+13, 0] Not one award for Ji Sung? Why?

 Mydaily - Naver: Taeyeon wins Hallyu Drama OST Award at SDA 2015, "Thanks to the fans"

1. [+269, -27] Congrats to Taeyeon who captivates with her voice

2. [+234, -19] Congrats Taeyeon unni. I'm waiting for your solo album

3. [+206, -16] Taeyeon's OSTs are memorable~~!! She has a great voice! Congrats

4. [+52, -6] Taeyeon the OST queen!