15 September 2015

Upcoming drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black' confirms leads Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won

Osen - Naver: Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won confirmed as leads of SBS 'Goodbye Mr. Black' 

1. [+2,194, -80] Lee Jin Wook's everywhere recently. Looking forward to Moon Chae Won!

2. [+1,964, -120] Great casting

3. [+1,651, -93] Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won. Must watch

4. [+1,138, -41] The writer is important for this one

5. [+158, -16] What the flop that was 'The Time I've Loved You' made me realize is that no matter how good an actor is, he can't save a crappy script. A writer can make or break a drama

6. [+108, -18] Please give Lee Jin Wook a new hairstyle.. I personally loved his hair in 'Nine' and not so much in TTILY

7. [+97, -7] This is based on the manhwa by Hwang Mina, right? I wanna watch it already

8. [+70, -19] Heol, Moon Chae Won's finally making a drama comeback!!! And the writer of 'Can You Hear My Heart' will be penning the script. I'm excited

9. [+56, -8] Cool. The manhwa I've been wanting to reread is being made into a  drama