8 September 2015

What are your favourite smells?

(T: Smell of rain, B: Smell of dog's paws)

(Smell of a storage, Smell of books)

(Smell of early morning air, Smell of pillow)

(Smell of underground parking lot, Smell of gas station)

(Smell of mosquito repellent coils, Smell of burning wood) 

(Smell of furniture, Smell of clothes)

Instiz: Smells that people love 

-Am I the only one who likes the smell of washrooms? I'm talking about clean washrooms and not the ones that have been peed on

-Smell of aircon

-The smell of paint !!

-Smell of clothes!!!!!!!Especially my friends' clothes. I really love it when their own scents combined with the scent of fabric softener

-The smell of aircon

-I like the smell of that bath house near my house... Do I sound like a perv?