6 September 2015

Who wore it better? Park Shin Hye or Goo Hye Sun

Dispatch - Nate: [Same clothes, different feel] Park Shin Hye vs. Goo Hye Sun, who is the autumn flower girl? 

1. [+478, -78] Park Shin Hye is like the real flower while Goo Hye Sun's the artificial one. Park Shin Hye's cheerful and charmingly pretty

2. [+418, -73] It might be because she's smiling but it looks pretty on Park Shin Hye . I don't know if having a neutral expression is Goo Hye Sun's concept but she's peculiar

3. [+40, -7] Park Shin Hye wins

4. [+28, -4] That dress is the type that grandmas wear when they go blossom viewing. Park Shin Hye wears it well


5. [+8,666, -398] Cmon, both are pretty

6. [+7,874, -396] Both wear it prettily. Stop comparing

7. [+8,169, -2,434] Goo Hye Sun's super pretty. If I want my face to look like one of them, it would be Goo Hye Sun's

8. [+6,658, -2,313] Just by looking at the photos, Goo Hye Sun wears it better

9. [+1,293, -183] Both look good in the dress. Shin Hye picked the right size while it's a bit big on Goo Hye Sun

10. [+1,022, -262] Park Shin Hye. Goo Hye Sun looked like she borrowed her unni's dress. She should've picked a smaller size