4 October 2015

Actresses who played ugly women in films/dramas

Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty)

Kim Ah Joong (200 Pounds Beauty)

Lee Ji Ah (The Relation of Face, Mind and Love)

IU (Dream High)

Jang Nara (Unruly Qiao)
Sports Seoul - Naver: "Living ugly", 5 actresses who gave up beauty for their films/dramas

1. [+15,741, -567] Hwang Jung Eum is more deserving of the actress title than CF stars Go So Young and Lee Na Young

2. [+10,527, -190] Hwang Jung Eum makes bomb Jackson with rosy cheeks super adorable. You can feel that she's a true actress.. Kim Hye Jin who acts with her whole body is very much like Hwang Jung Eum!

3. [+6,646, -132] Kim Ah Joong singing Maria in '200 Pounds Beauty' comes to mind ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+5,454, -165] Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah's scandal is by far the most shocking news in Korea's entertainment history... I liked Lee Ji Ah ever since 'Beethoven Virus' and Kim Ah Joong when she sang 'Maria'. That movie came out 9 years ago. Time flies so fast ㅠㅠ

5. [+754, -23] Hwang Jung Eum's also really good but Choi Siwon's acting stands out. His facial expressions are jjang

6. [+361, -7] In American shows, the chubby heroine stays chubby even when a man falls in love with her but in Korean shows, a woman must lose weight before someone falls for her

7. [+370, -19] IU is unrecognizable ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+146, -6] In addition to 'She Was Pretty', there's also 'Incarnation of Money'

9. [+102, -11] Could've chosen Heart to Heart's Choi Kang Hee instead of Lee Ji Ah