29 October 2015

Cheerleader Park Ki Ryang refuses to forgive baseball player who made sexual comment about her

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Park Ki Ryang "About forgiving Jang Sung Woo, 'I don't have to and I don't want to forgive him'

1. [+32,118, -527] If those baseball officials talked her into reaching settlement... She stands by her principles. How cool of her!!!

2. [+28,376, -691] This woman is so cool. It must've been distressing but she still worries for baseball on top of it all. Cheering for you Ki Ryang-ssi~!

3. [+24,281, -373] Yeah.. Never back off easily. Show him what a dirty act it is to talk shit behind others

4. [+14,494, -283] That's right, that's right . I'm cheering for you

5. [+2,762, -53] Kick this guy out of the industry. Not only did he make sexual comments about Park Ki Ryang but he told a reporter that his mouth smells

6. [+2,721, -34] Don't forgive this jerk. The moment you do, it won't be long till he goes back to his old trashy ways

Ilgan Sports - Naver: 'Park Ki Ryang- Jang Sung Woo have not reached an agreement

1. [+6,184, -80] That jerk is pathetic

2. [+5,044, -83] This is the end of Jang Sung Woo's baseball career!!

3. [+2,524, -292] What's up with the photo they used? Reporters really knows what's best

3. [+542, -12] Don't drop the charges!!!!

4. [+504, -24] I'm cheering for Park Ki Ryang. Please don't drop the charges. That disgusting jerk deserves punishment!