22 October 2015

Choi Jin Hyuk discharged from the army after 7 months due to knee injury

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Choi Jin Hyuk discharged from the army after 7 months.. "damaged knee cartilage"

1. [+19,217, -1,288] This must be an upsetting situation for him so please don't leave hate comments

2. [+14,145, -853] Things like this can happen but I feel like I can already hear the backlash

3. [+11,328, -764] Get well soon.!

4. [+10,079, -700] Recover soon and show us your good image once again~!

5. [+8,067, -627] Did he get injured while in the line of duty??

6. [+2,339, -211] It's not his toe that's injured but his knee cartilage. Even an injured toe is hard to bear. Try experiencing the pain before you guys can rant. Anyone who have knee injury would know how agonizing it is

7. [+1,317, -137] People who've had knee operation have to withstand the pain and lengthy recovery process.. Find strength~

8. [+1,506, -586] Movie and drama directors, please remember to not cast him in action projects

9. [+1,032, -179] Why criticize someone who gets an early discharge because he's in serious pain?? I bet it's men who are leaving these comments

10. [+856, -140] Must've been so hard. Please be supportive of him