9 October 2015

Han Groo swept up in controversy over using stepsiblings for media play

credits: omonatheydidnt

Sports Chosun - Naver: [Official stance] Han Groo's reps, explanation of her family history "It's true that she's a daughter of a remarried family... I apologize to my sisters"

1. [+10,797, -429] They have every right to be angry. These people suffered in exchange for her 'umchindal' image (tn: Mom's friend's daughter who is good at everything) . Han Groo should be apologizing to them, not to the public

2. [+8,249, -275] Heol... It's not simply a remarriage... The ex-wife and the kids went through lots of emotional pain...

3. [+6,133, -166] And they're not even half-siblings

4. [+4,021, -132] Heol..................................

5. [+2,379, -38] I just read the Agora post and they're not even half-siblings. The father married another woman and Han Groo's a complete stranger to him.. The siblings might've been exploding with anger each time she mentioned them in interviews acting like they're her biological siblings

6. [+2,281, -64] Heol. This is just scary.  A daughter of a home wrecker used her siblings to her advantage but now she's cosplaying as a victim

7. [+2,183, -42] Yah, so your mom's isn't the model but your stepdad's ex-wife is. What a chaos

8. [+1,410, -36] Daebak. I'm seeing Han Groo differently. She had such a clean image

My Daily - Naver: "It's not media play"... Han Groo reveals message sent to stepsister

1. [+22,161, -6,861] Her agency is dumb. Revealing this message would only worsen her image. You can tell that she's pretentious and irritating. It looks like she doesn't know what a sincere apology is

2. [+17,687, -4,036] The sister is probably pissed reading the message..

3. [+9,974, -1,056] She could've just said that she has an unni or oppa. Why did she have to reveal that she won a Presidential Award from Bush when she was in elementary and that her unni went to Seoul Uni and oppa went to Korea Uni???

4. [+4,913, -246] Have you all forgotten? Early in her debut, they media played the heck out of her  as Apgujeong Uee and her siblings attending elite universities

5. [+4,580, -322] Unni, you don't like me, right???!???

6. [+4,333, -174] Why on earth would you reveal your message? This would just enrage her more. It's not like you're trying to wake up a sleeping wolf but unnecessarily revealing your family history to the public is no different than a media play

Xports News - Naver: Stepsister responds to Han Groo's apology "Meeting you would be torture"

1. [+2,078, -38] This is really daebak. I can feel the sister's anger just by reading her post... This is a drama

2. [+1,977, -30] Somehow,  I was expecting for this to take a turn for the better but rather, they revealed her message. Her image kept worsening with every word I read

3.  [+1,950, -54] Sigh. The stepsister went through such pain. I'm wishing you good things from now on

4. [+1,618, -28] Wow daebak.. This isn't even a makjang drama.

5. [+950, -22] Han Groo, mother and grandma, please live your lives making up for your wrongdoings. How could you swear at another family?!! The mom and the grandma are just amazing, was Mr. Han like that too? The unni replied because Han Groo asked her to. Do you feel better now? She wrote that the thought of meeting you is torture!! Hope to never see you on tv again!!!

6. [+844, -11] Didn't she play a cheater wife's younger sister in a drama?? That's her mom's story in real life.. Heol

7. [+787, -11] Vicious. This feels like watching the last episode of a makjang drama

8. [+650, -8] Why did Han Groo reveal her apology message to the public? She could've apologized to the sister personally

9. [+624, -21] Who would want her as their daughter-in-law???

10. [+468, -5] This is makjang