11 October 2015

How Yoo Ah In and Kim Woo Bin were in high school

Star News - Naver: 'Section', A dropout and a model student.. Yoo Ah In and Kim Woo Bin's unexpected past

Yoo Ah In was rebellious as a high school student. Due to stress, he dropped out and after passing his GED, he started to pursue acting.

With an IQ of 147, Kim Woo Bin always maintained top grades. While deciding what career he wanted, he did modelling alongside part-time jobs. In order to become a fashion model, he watched and studied videos about modelling.

1. [+10,943, -259] Wow... Kim Woo Bin is quite unexpected

2. [+7,368, -145] What a reversal but they're both so successful now

3. [+6,274, -165] Kim Woo Bin is such a reversal

4. [+1,015, -64] Yoo Ah In was already a celebrity when he was in high school. He hit a slump after 'Banolim' right at the time he dropped out. It's a different case from a delinquent dropping out from school

5. [+556, -38] Kim Woo Bin posted questions to professors on online forums whenever he wanted to know about modelling. I saw the screen caps on Facebook and thought he's admirable. Such dedication. Both are now successful!

6. [+415, -32]  I read Kim Woo Bin's letter to his teacher and you can tell that he's a smart student just by his writing style and choice of words

7. [+356, -31] Almost every day, Kim Woo Bin posted on the online  forum of the university he wanted to get into and asked questions about modelling. He worked hard and he's now successful

8. [+205, -18] Yoo Ah In's known for being free-spirited and not taking care of his image ㅋㅋㅋ He works hard as an actor but he's got a lax attitude to things ㅋㅋ He drinks and he's sociable but he doesn't give a shit of what people thinks of him

9. [+134, -8] Passion and hard work go hand in hand

10. [+133, -13] Kim Woo Bin looks like a delinquent but he's kind and smart.. Do even better you two