15 October 2015

Kang Dong Won for 'High Cut' + his styling at 'The Priests' presscon

Ilgan Sports - Naver: How can Kang Dong Won be this sexy? 

1. [+2,238, -82] Ha.... No words needed..

2. [+2,038, -83] So cool! Please do a drama...

3. [+1,505, -69] He is beautiful

4. [+1,276, -67] God Dong Won......

5. [+214, -28] As I get older, I don't get excited anymore whenever I look at Jo In Sung or Hyun Bin but with Kang Dong Won, I still get butterflies

6. [+197, -14] He focuses on acting but he only appears in movies. He would be way more popular and earning tons more if he's in dramas, CFs and variety shows but it's amazing that he doesn't do any of those

7. [+105, -13] Can't believe he's already 35. So handsome~!!

8. [+104, -15] Way to make me happy early in the morning

Instiz: Kang Dong Won who increased his height to 194 cm while wearing high heels

-Heol oppa

-He looks a bit nervous

-His legs are daebak

-I'd love to unzip all those zippers

-The length of his legs is unreal

-Tuna oppa ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ