6 October 2015

Kang Ha Neul reminisces about his theater days with Joo Won, Kim Moo Yeol and Jo Jung Seok

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Kang Ha Neul "I was with Jo Jung Seok and Joo Won hyung when we went through tough financial times"

1. [+2,115, -48] He's an actor who's got a good grasp of whatever role he's given.  It's amazing how he's able to differentiate his characters in 'Misaeng', 'Twenty' and 'C'est Ci Bon'. Looking forward to his next project

2. [+1,511, -80] Kang Ha Neul's handsome

3. [+1,278, -44] Kang Ha Neul do well! Your acting is jjang

4. [+1,017, -41] I think I just fell in love Do even better Kang Ha Neul!!!

5. [+163, -10] Kang Ha Neul's a good actor and he's easygoing and likeable. Come to think of it, Joo Won, Jo Jung Seok and actors who started out in musical theatre have exceptional acting skills and enunciations

6. [+119, -2] I have not seen an actor with a musical background who sucks at acting.  They've started from the very bottom to get to where they are now.. Their enunciations are just different from others

7. [+75, -4] I've been a fan of Joo Won and Jo Jung Seok ever since their musical days. I loved them in  'Spring Awakening' and both are good actors. I still find it fascinating that the guys I used to watch on stage  have now hit it big on tv. Do even better from now on~~^^

8. [+71, -9] His height is 180 cm. For the longest time, I thought he's only about 170 cm. I'm cheering you on. Hwaiting

9. [+66, -11] Kang Ha Neul is more handsome than Kim Woo Bin

10. [+55, -17] I wonder why he's not that popular. He's got the looks and the acting chops but why is he always stuck with playing supporting roles?