24 October 2015

Kim Jung Hoon reveals that he dislikes marriage

tv Report - Naver: 'Witch Hunt', Kim Jung Hoon "I don't like marriage", why he intends to be solo

"I don't like marriage. To give you an example, whenever my girlfriend used to come to our house, she would lie down the sofa and watch TV. I thought to myself that I'd be letting out a sigh of disappointment if that keeps happening. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike women at all, it's just that I'm not emotionally ready for marriage"

1. [+11,460, -373] I'm a woman but I don't want to get married. Aren't there a lot of people who are in the same boat?

2. [+9,116, -301] Whether you're a man or a woman, living on your own is a wise decision if you can provide for yourself

3. [+5,798, -316] He's honest and likeable

4. [+1,851, -40] Does anyone relate to this at all? I meet up with friends but most of the time, I feel like going home. When I'm on the phone, I wish I or the other person on the line can hang up.  Refusal is a rare thing in marriage thus, it could feel tiring and uncomfortable

5. [+1,352, -18] Marriage itself is a complicated thing

6. [+644, -14] There is no right or wrong answer. Marriage is a choice. Don't get married if you find that you're more comfortable living on your own

7. [+343, -11] I don't wanna get married either

8. [+305, -45] I know tons of  young, successful yet unmarried men who able to enjoy life just as fine but as for me, the older I get, women and married friends tend to distance themselves. It feels miserable and lonely. I try to focus on hobbies and other stuff, but those can get dull... This is why I wanna get married

9. [+245, -5] Don't get married for the sole reason of curing loneliness.. Marriage has its share of loneliness and difficulties too. Go ahead if you have enough perseverance. Both sides have to agree on even the littlest things to be happy