22 October 2015

Kim Yoo Jung opens up about hurtful comments

Dong A - Naver: Kim Yoo Jung puts an end to her tears "I don't pay attention to hate comments but they are still hurtful"

"Before, I didn't mind hurtful comments but they're unavoidable. It'll only weigh me down if I take each and every comment to heart and I'm definitely working towards not paying attention to them.

My greatest source of strength is my unni who's 3 years older than me. One time, I was crying because I was so depressed but my unni sent me a text. She took a screen cap of the supportive comments that netizens wrote. I'm thankful for my unni for giving me the strength during those times I was having a hard time. I remember smiling through the tears."

1. [+13,043, -419] But on the brighter side, Kim Yoo Jung has more fans than antis!!!!!

2. [+12,302, -388] There are actually people who hate on Kim Yoo Jung?

3. [+10,709, -344] Why leave hurtful comments on a kid?

4. [+6,913, -322] She's so much younger than me but there's so much to learn from her. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't know how to handle those hate comments ㅠㅠ I'm supporting you! Please always show us your good acting

5. [+789, -51] What is there to hate about her?

6. [+627, -56] Pretty Yoo Jung. Cheer up!

7. [+591, -47] Don't pay attention to hurtful comments and become a respected actress

8. [+546, -44] Huh? She's pretty and a good actress, why would she have haters?

9. [+514, -38] Please don't be like this to a baby

10. [+374, -28] It upsets me when people choose to hate instead of cheer on others who are doing well  ㅠ Please don't leave scars to a young kid