29 October 2015

Lee Yoo Bi blackmailed over lost phone

Ilgan Sports - Nate: A-ssi demands money after finding Lee Yoo Bi's phone

Lee Yoo Bi lost her phone at a club in Gangnam on Oct 17th. She texted her phone using another number, offering to compensate in return. Realizing that the owner of the phone is a celebrity, "A" called Lee Yoo Bi multiple times on Oct 22nd, demanding 20 million won and threatening to release her personal information. On the 28th, Gangnam Police arrested "A" on charges of blackmailing and stealing.

1. [+236, -8] I hope they reveal that person's real name to the public. Why is the victim's identity out in the open and make her vulnerable to malicious comments while the blackmailer's name isn't revealed to protect his anonymity?

2. [+202, -6] What a good country for criminals to live in. That person could easily get away from harsh punishments while this incident will follow Lee Yoo Bi for the rest of her life. And to people leaving hurtful comments, just know that you are more disgusting than that blackmailer. You're the cancer of our society

3. [+7, -1] Dirty jerk. What if someone blackmails you asking for your hard-earned money?

4. [+1,287, -33] Although she doesn't have weird stuff saved in her phone, it has her personal details in it. That could be why she wants to hide it?

5. [+1,009, -45] Celebrities have every right to go to the club. On talk shows and variety, you often hear them talking about going there. Also, should there be a valid reason before reporting a lost phone? People these days use their phones to go on SNS and login to websites without typing passwords. Lee Yoo Bi's phone could have tons of celebrity numbers saved on it and if those get spilled, that'll be something she'd apologize over and over to her colleagues. Don't you people bashing Lee Yoo Bi have nothing embarrassing hidden in your phones?

6. [+654, -15] I don't keep secretive stuff on my phone but I would be really furious if someone screenshots my KaTalk convos and reveal it to the public. I have a lot of stupid selcas and text messages with my friends. Trust me, no one wants their privacy invaded. Public figures have it worse because they can get blackmailed

tv Report - Naver: Lee Yoo Bi's missing phone incident 'Why did it turn into a witch hunt?'

1. [+11,821, -813] "They went to the club"ㅋㅋ It would sound like they've only been to the club once in their lives

2. [+9,291, -423] Whether you like her or not, let's not leave hurtful comments

3. [+7,396, -981] If someone blackmails me after losing my phone, would they investigate my case similar to hers?

4. [+4,178, -589] Find strength Lee Yoo Bi-ssi. I'm cheering for you

5. [+1,178, -178] GD and TOP were caught smoking at a club and got away with it but a grown up woman gets bashed for going to a club