14 October 2015

Never-before-seen pre-debut photos of Irene

Instiz: Never-before-seen past photos of Irene 

-Irene got so much prettier 

-Am I the only one who thinks that if she gets rid of the bangs and if she does her eye makeup, it won't be any different to her present looks? But first the lens need to go 

-She looks like Solbi in these photos... 

-Take out those lens 

-Shows the importance of styling. She was already pretty but her style was outdated 

-She got her teeth done.. And she's prettier without those lens 

-Doesn't she look like Lee Jung Hyun here??? The one who appeared on Totoga

-If these were taken in 2008, she was 18 years old. 7 years ago 

-Her nose looks different... But she's still super pretty

-I'm getting the Lee Jung Hyun feel 

-I thought it was a different person who shares the same name as Irene 

-She's pretty in these photos but looked way older 

-The importance of diet