17 October 2015

Park Shin Hye confirms casting in movie 'Hyung' starring D.O and Jo Jung Seok

Star News - Naver: [Exclusive] Park Shin Hye confirms casting in 'Hyung'.. to work with Jo Jung Seok and Do Kyung Soo

'Hyung' is the story of a brazen swindler (Jo Jung Seok) who left home and suddenly returns after 15 years to live with his judo player younger brother (D.O), much to his dismay. While on bad terms with Jo Jung Seok's character, Park Shin Hye plays a woman who takes care of D.O and is very much like an older sister to him.

1. [+1,944 -138] Looking forward to Jo Jung Seok, Do Kyung Soo and Park Shin Hye

2. [+1,569, -145] They're all great at acting which makes me so excited for the movie

3. [+1,284, -113] Heol Jo Jung Seok and Park Shin Hye ㅠㅠㅜ I must see this ㅠㅠ

4. [+1,229, -107] Jo Jung Seok hit another jackpot, with Park Shin Hye this time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1,032, -154] You can trust Park Shin Hye's acting.. Anticipating

6. [+138, -19] Awesome lineup. Do Kyung Soo's acting is getting better each time. I can't wait for the movie

7. [+118, -18] I'm liking it already!! I hope it does well~ And Shin Hye should star in more movies

8. [+104, -17] Please be in dramas too.

9. [+85, -15] Jo Jung Seok is blessed with acting talent and is lucky with female co-stars.. Park Shin Hye, IU and Park Bo Young ㄷㄷ

10. [+84, -14] Shin Hye-ssi, you're pretty~~~~~~