31 October 2015

Possible sad ending for 'She Was Pretty'?

Osen- Naver: 'She Was Pretty', Fans and their 'High Kick' trauma

1. [+15,253, -222] With Hwang Jung Eum's overreaction after she left momentarily in Ep 12 and the stuff that's happening to Ji Sung Joon.. These must mean something

2. [+13,392, -220] I don't have a good feeling about this... What if this one ends with a black and white screen too? (tn: the infamous black and white screen in High Kick season 2's ending)

3. [+10,344, -279] Normally, I get withdrawal syndromes when a drama ends but I'm worried this time. The plot has been unfolding quite unnaturally these past few episodes

4. [+9,143, -148] High Kick 2's ending left me in shock. I'm worried that this will end tragically too

5. [+2,002, -52] Writer, an ending with an impact doesn't always equal to a good drama. I really love low-key yet warm endings like in 'Kill Me, Heal Me'. If you end it similar to High Kick, don't expect me to watch any of your dramas next time

6. [+1,662, 33] It feels gloomy and chilling thinking back to High Kick's ending. It was too shocking that I completely forgot the happy moments in the beginning and middle

7. [+1,064, -36] High Kick's ending wasn't a 50-50 split in opinion, it was an absolute mess. It wasn't a one-episode drama, it was a sitcom that spanned many episodes. Have you seen a sitcom that ended tragically? The random car crash pissed me off

1. [+7,411, -109] Writer, don't end it like High Kick

2. [+5,647, -116] Happy ending please, writer! I like their romantic scenes.. I would hate it if ends with Hye Jin's ghost theory or she dies

3. [+4,696, -92] Hoping it won't end like High Kick

Star News - Nate: 'SWP' Hwang Jung Eum spoils with a drawing of Kim Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon's wedding? 

1. [+521, -13] Don't backstab usㅠㅜㅜㅜ I'm fine with spoilers but please end it happily....

2. [+397, -21] The girl in the drawing does resemble Hwang Jung Eum

3. [+339, -10] A fan drew that though.. There were tons of fan arts during 'Kill Me Heal Me' too