18 October 2015

Rookie girl group April has their first photoshoot

Chae Won



Hyun Joo


Pann: April's first photoshoot 

1. [+101, -18] Wow... They all look similar

2. [+73, 0] That group cut looks more like a photo that high school girls take rather than a photoshoot

3. [+53, -13] There are way too many idols these days and I don't really know who's who anymore. Plus it's not like they only debut kids who are good at singing. What a disgrace to foreigners. They would think Korea doesn't have a lot of talented singers

4. [+20, -28] Naeun is pretty

5. [+19, -1] I can't stand those maid outfits. What a weird concept.. Please stop making them wear those ㅜㅜ Their song is good but the maid outfits give a cheap feel to it.  I bet they hate wearing them too

6. [+16, -15] April is quite good. They have 3 main vocals so don't generalize young and pretty members  as bad singers. 15 year old Jinsol sings Ok Joo Hyun's part in 'Ruby' amazingly

7. [+13, -2] Hyun Joo is pretty

8. [+9, -4] I thought I was looking at a photo of sisters

9. [+8, 0] That Baby Kara member who committed suicide... Somin and Chaewon ended up debuting while the rest are still trainees. Such a pitiful situation