15 October 2015

Seolhyun looks fresh in her selcas

Star News - Naver: AOA Seolhyun, this is why she's a trend (tn: popular).. Looking fresh in a pair of selcas'

1. [+7,901, -1,873] Stop sticking the trend label to a kid who doesn't even have a hit work

2. [+7,050, -1,443] It's her agency that proclaimed her as the trend

3. [+6,684, -1,324] FNC's daughter! Queen of media play!

4. [+5,981, -1,182] She's only a trend at her company and on internet articles..

5. [+5,244, -1,180] Trend, my butt. tsk sk

6. [+2,363, -372] As if naming her the second Suzy wasn't enough and now they're calling her a trend?  Just stop it. She'll only gain anti fans because of the shameless media plays

7. [+2,311, -352] Just because she did that SK ad, now she's a trend? Her agency's having a blast with media play

8. [+2,151, -346] She's a trend? Am I the only one who didn't know this?

9. [+1,868, -316] Too much media play ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

10. [+1,339, -313] Her body is pretty but her face isn't.. I never knew that the ugly-looking kid in 'Brave Family' was her

11. [+1,140, -266] How is she a trend? Her groupmate Hyejung is way prettier