23 October 2015

Styles/things that IU popularized?

3 Octave High Note 

Choker necklace + flight jacket + striped shirt fashion

Collared dress + double ponytails in 'You and I'

Bob cut

Female guitarist/singer-songwriter

Straight brows

Baby hair updo

This particular airport fashion

Instiz: What IU popularized


-Aside from the 3 octave note and collared dress, I'm not sure if she popularized the rest

-Agreed with the 3 octave note and bob cut

-She did popularize 3 octave note and collared dress but I don't think so about the rest. 'Léon' was released in 1994 and the Mathilda style has been around for a long time. Chokers started getting popular 2 years ago while flight jackets has been a craze since last year. Jang Jae In was more well-known for her female guitarist/singer-songwriter image just that 'Superstar K' didn't gain as much public popularity

-Her 3 octave note is jjang...'Good Day' is a must when you're at a noraebang

-Ji Eun-ah, you inspired me to get a bob cut

-Almost every female star currently have straight brows...A few of these seem like a stretch