10 October 2015

Yoo In Young and Henry join 'Oh My Venus'

Edaily - Naver: [Exclusive] Yoo In Young joins 'Oh My Venus' (formerly 'Oh My God')... confirmed lineup with So Ji Sub, Shin Minah and Jung Gyu Woon

1. [+2,136, -36] Nice. She's a good actress ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Looking forward to it!!

2. [+1,563, -17] Sseokun-ssi

3. [+1.146, -26] Han Yoora, long time no see

4. [+161, -5] An amazing actress like her should be playing lead roles

5. [+152, -10] I'm a woman and Yoo In Young's face is my type. It's elegant and exudes a certain ambience..

6. [+134, -3] I hope your character doesn't die this time ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+119, -4] Sseokun-ssi, do you love me?

8. [+114, -2] Jeon Ji Hyun didn't overshadow her during their scenes together in YWCFTS. Looking forward to Jung Gyu Woon too

9. [+86, -4] Can't they give her the lead role for once? She always plays the villain

10.  [+71, -2] I wish to see her in a bubbly role. She got a bad ending in her previous drama so I hope she gets a better ending in this one

11. [+49, -4] The lineup is daebak

tv Report - Naver: 'Acting Idol' Henry joins KBS 'Oh My Venus'... takes the role of So Ji Sub's friend 

1. [+94, -3] It's nice to see that he's constantly expanding his capabilities. I want to watch 'Final Recipe' but I'm looking forward to him in 'Oh My Venus'

2. [+88, -3] OMG!!!! Is this true??? I really like Henry ㅠㅠ Can't wait~~ Hwaiting~^^

3. [+82, -2] Wow~ Henry's finally coming to public channel. Although his role is the male lead's friend, I'm excited that he's doing a public channel drama. Looking forward to 'Final Recipe'. Hwaiting~~^^

4. [+62, -1] Daebak. Looking forward to Henry's acting. I hope the drama hits success^^

5. [+60, -1] I've watched Henry's previous drama and he's actually quite good which surprised me

6. [+60, -1] Wow~~ Acting idol Henry, hit daebak through acting!!!!

7. [+52, -1] Omg!!!!! Now, he's branching into acting too!!!! Wow he's truly the renaissance idol

8. [+51, -1] Henry in a drama? I'm totally anticipating it