15 November 2015

Acting idols (Hyeri,Jung Eunji, Yook Sungjae, Lee Sungyeol, Jung Yoon Hye)

tv Report - Naver: "From Hyeri to Jung Eunji"... The golden age of acting idols

1. [+8,383, -386] The female lead characters of 'Reply' series are all similar ~

2. [+6,829, -1,997] Jung Eunji's freaking good at acting ♡♡

3. [+4,876, -234] There wouldn't be criticisms as long as they do a good job at acting~

4. [+4,942, -1,736] Hyeri's cute, as if her Deok Sun character has completely possessed her

5. [+1,127, -228] Honestly, Jung Eunji was jjang in 'Reply 1997'... If Hyeri continues to nail her character, she can definitely keep up with Eunji. I was surprised at how good she is

6. [+953, -126] I acknowledge Yook Sungjae and Jung Eunji! Hyeri exceeded expectations

7. [+821, -92] Sung Siwon and Sung Deoksun are charming

8. [+679, -106] Never judge until you've seen their acting

9. [+559, -75] Idols getting hated for going into acting now seems to be a thing of the past

10. [+197, -14] Idols are bashed for taking opportunities away from rookies but when rookies actually get the roles, people assume they have sponsors ㅋㅋ Idols or rookies, they get hated either way