5 November 2015

Behind the scenes of Seolhyun's photoshoot

Starcast-Naver: The feeling of seeing Seolhyun in real life, bts of her photoshoot
more photos in the source

1. [+6,856, -1,271] I think she's really pretty. Even as a woman, she's naturally beautiful. Her body is wow

2. [+4,646, -1,073] I'm sure the malicious comments would disappear if they cut down the media play and if she exposes herself a bit more ㅜㅜ

3. [+3,978, -873] Saw her in Gangnam and her face is really small and her body is no joke...

4. [+3,399, -784] Pleasantly pretty

5. [+2,881, -722] Her unedited body is amazing ㅋㅋ I don't understand why she gets bashed for her skin

6. [+2,670, -745] Seolhyun's visuals leave me at loss for words

7. [+1,592, -523] I still can't believe her photo in the phone ad is unedited. Her legs are so long

8. [+1,339, -546] This isn't a media play, it's promotion.. Nothing wrong with agencies promoting their artists