5 November 2015

Former After School member Jooyeon confirmed for 'Saimdang'

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Lee Jooyeon confirmed for 'Saimdang'... first drama after leaving her group

1. [+3,135, -91] She's pretty but has no talents..

2. [+2,279, -64] Leave a group = Pursue acting

3. [+1,614, -56] She left After School??? Is she any good at sageuk? ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+1,479, -58] When did she leave??????? Her acting here won't be similar to her acting in 'Reply' right???

5. [+680, -93] Is she still dating So Ganji?

6. [+182, -16] This drama is doomed... Song Seung Heon and Lee Joo Yeon suck at acting

7. [+175, -15] How did she score a role in a large-scale project??? She can't even act

8. [+136, -4] Ulzzangs Jooyeon and Han Byul are both really pretty but they don't have charms

9. [+134, -6] He's in the same agency as Song Seung Heon. They said she got cast in 'Yong Pal' but I didn't even see her there

10. [+93, -3] Is After School still active? Did they disband? I honestly have no idea what they've been up to after 'Bang!'