7 November 2015

Goo Hye Sun cast as female lead in a Chinese drama

Herald - Naver: Goo Hye Sun chosen as the female lead in Chinese drama 'The Legendary Tycoon'

1. [+480, -88] She's better off in China. I can't stand her bad acting in Korean dramas. She's like a cyborg ㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+271, -10] China must really pay a lot of money seeing as how so many Korean stars are heading there

3. [+262, -45] Hoping that your acting is good in a Chinese drama because in a Korean drama...Sigh..

4. [+208, -40] It already sounds cringey

5. [+36, -10] Goo Hye Sun doesn't seem to have a good grasp with her roles.. I hope she does a bit better in this one

6. [+37, -11] A relief that Chinese dramas are dubbed ㅋㅋ

7. [+37, -14] She's heading to China to show her robot acting

8. [+34, -10] Her skiing scene in 'Boys Over Flowers' is legendary...

9. [21, -7] I hope she shows improvement in her acting this time

10. [+27, -14] At least her pronunciation won't be a problem because Chinese dramas are dubbed