25 November 2015

Im Siwan chooses to volunteer with fans on his upcoming birthday

tv Report - Naver: Im Siwan to volunteer with fans for a coal briquette charity...  "sets it up at his own expense"

1. [+344, -7] I'm not an idol fan but he's honestly awesome for doing this. And it's very rare for people to willingly pay for expenses out of their own pockets. I approve

2. [+305, -8] How amazing of him to volunteer his time during his birthday rather than throwing a party.. And he's covering the expenses with his own money. Not only is he handsome but he's kind-hearted too. Big thumbs up!!

3. [+247, -8] He's so cool ~~~~~~~

4. [+16, 0] Can't help but compare him with EXO who liked photos of watches on Instagram as if asking fans to buy it for themㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Im Siwan will definitely stay in the industry for a long time

5. [+15, 0] Wow... He's so good-looking. Please sign with a different agency once your contract expires. Star Empire is not a good agency

6. [+12, 0] Make sure to deliver coal briquettes to Sun Woo's mom

1. [+3,063, -24] That's really awesome...

2. [+2,735, -15] Not only is he handsome he's very kind too. He's cool

3. [+2,340, -16] Beautiful face and heart. Wishing you the best in everything!

4. [+1,742, -23] Wow.. Do well Im Siwan!! ZE:A, do well!!!