10 November 2015

Lee Jun Ki cast as lead in Bu Bu Jing Xin's Korean remake

 Ilgan Sports - Naver: Lee Jun Ki to lead Bu Bu Jing Xin's remake 'Moon Lovers'

1. [+1,009, -39] You can trust Lee Jun Ki!! I love him in sageuks but please do a contemporary drama too ㅠㅠ You have no idea how good you look in a suit ㅠㅜ

2. [+850, -39] Heol another sageuk? I like sageuks but it's time for him to move to a contemporary setting

3. [+732, -28] I wish they don't remake this, to be honest. Lee Jun Ki for sure is a good actor but finding a skilled writer is the key to its success

4. [+135, -6] I hope they don't pair him with an incompetent female lead this time..

5. [+128, -9] The casting of the female lead is more important than the male lead. I hope they find a good one. I'm not in favor of remakes but Lee Jun Ki's sageuks never disappoint

6. [+113, -7] What a relief that Kim Gyu Tae PD is helming this. Make sure the drama doesn't collapse midway only for poor Lee Jun Ki to hard carry it

7. [+95, -8] You can trust Lee Jun Ki!! I hope you get to work with a good writer and leading lady this time ~~

8. [+94, -9] Don't cast either Jin Se Yeon or Lee Yoo Bi ㅜ Park Min Young would be great ^^

9. [+89, -4] Please do a good job with the remake and pick a talented female lead! No idols ㅋㅋ

10. [+79, -24] Pick Park Shin Hye for the female lead ㅠㅠ And no idols please

11. [+60, -3] Bu Bu Jing Xin is epic. The female lead's casting is important