5 November 2015

[Pann] Junior's actor visuals

Pann: Idol who will become an actor 

1. [+113, -14] Doesn't he resemble Kim Soo Hyun? He's good-looking

2. [+106, -10] What the? Why is he dashingly handsome?...

3. [+106, -6] His face leaves me breathless... He's a guy but his features are elegant and refreshing

4. [+104, -6] Sad that he doesn't get mentioned as one of the handsome idols

5. [+33, 0] I'm a non-fan but I think he has what it takes to be an actor. As long as he does a good job in acting, they could get him more roles. His visuals are awesome!

6. [+27, 2] Randomly clicked on a Pann post and immediately became a fan. His charms are irresistible ㅠ

7. [+24, 0] The first time I saw him,  I remember saying that he'll get popular but he is yet to shoot to fame. He does look like Kim Soo Hyun but Junior has this gentleness about him. He's handsomer than Kim Soo Hyun

8. [+21, 0] Freaking handsome in his grad photo ㅠㅠ